Music : Habida ft JTown – SWEET LOVE

Habida ft JTown – SWEET LOVE


MTV-award winning Kenyan songbird Habida Moloney releases new single SWEET LOVE. A solid entrant back into the music scene, the song is Habida’s ode to her family, Kenya and the music industry. It touches on all the little and big things that make her love Kenya so passionately. In SWEET LOVEHabida features Ghanaian crooner JTown, celebrated for his genuine talent and having some of Ghana’s best rhymes. The breath-taking jazzy R&B song was engineered by UK music geniuses and co-produced by the acclaimed UK-based African producer Silvastone.

Habida is planning an exclusive listening party soon to celebrate the song and some major announcements. She is inviting 10 of her super fans to join her at the upcoming invite-only event. Check out ongoing promotion via

SWEET LOVE is a special Valentine’s Day dedication to Habida fans and a strong comeback. Fresh off touring and traveling continents in the past several months, she says of the release, “This song is a different sound from the usual Habida sound because I have grown as a woman, wife and mother,” adding, “I wrote SWEET LOVE while I was homesick and missing all the little things that make Kenya unique like Swahili Food – I had missed Kaimati, Mahamri and Pilau, ” concluding that home is where her heart and roots reside.

Hot on the heels of her return to Kenya, Habida will be setting up a music studio and management imprint in Nairobi, a process that will start this February. She hopes that this will be an incubator for emerging Kenyan talent. She talks about the inspiration and why she intends for her studio to fill a gap in the Kenyan music industry. “While accompanying my husband on his tours of duty in South Africa and Nigeria, I realized that good management is vital for the growth of artistes.” Habida will also be building a team that will be handling various aspects of her brand

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