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  1. No Spam or Advertising: Comments containing spam and advertising will be removed from our comments section. This includes hyperlinks to third party websites other than YouTube and Wikipedia.

  2. Hate speech: We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hate speech. This includes racist, homophobic, xenophobic and other comments containing hateful words.

  3. Personal Attacks: Comments containing attacks against other users will not be tolerated. Please don’t call each other names, harass or bully people in our comments section.

  4. Comment Limits: No automated comment bots, this ruins the comments section for everyone and causes issues, such as web page crashingfor some users. There is a limit of 3 comments per minute per user.

  5. Language and Threats: Vulgar language and threats will be removed.

  6. Relevancy: Please keep comments on topic. Discussions regarding the merits of a certain political party do not need to take place on articles about a celebrity divorce. Discussions regarding your choice of internet provider do not need to take place on articles regarding a celebrity’s new house.

  7. Personal Information: Please do not post anyone’s personal information, this includes your own information. Phone numbers, email addresses, websites and twitter handles will be deleted.

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