East African Artist Joseph Mayanja, commonly known by his stage name, Jose Chameleone and his brother Douglas Mayanja (Weasel of Good Lyfe) and Pius Mayanja (Pallaso, formerly a Team No Sleep member) ganged up and beat Manager Jeff Kiwa at Acacia Avenue based bar in Kampala, Uganda.

According to an eyewitness who was at the bar at the time of the fight, the fight was ignited by an argument between Chameleone and Jeff Kiwa.

“It all started when the DJ played the late AK 47’s song before Chameleone and Jeff started arguing. Chameleone quickly lost his temper and the fight began,” an eyewitness said. He added that Weasel and Pallaso who were also around, quickly swung into action to save their brother Chameleone.

Pallaso sent a round kick that landed on Jeff’s gut and the fight turned ugly. The two sides started throwing bottles at each other for over 15 minutes before the police was called in to calm the situation. However the fight continued in the parking lot and outside the bar. The scuffle saw artists like Toniks and some of the revellers sustained minor injuries.

Jeff Kiwa was the former manager of both Goodlyfe and Pallaso. he first fell out with Radio and Weasel who discontinued his managerial duties hence he teamed up with Sheeba, Pallaso and Akay to form Team No Sleep. Things seemed to be going smoothly till Akay (formerly known as AK 47) the youngest in the Mayanja family passed away at Jeff’s bar, Deuces under unexplained circumstances. This led to the exit of Pallaso from Team No Sleep and creation of a deep rift between the Mayanja family and Jeff Kiwa.

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