Get a natural brown smokey eye look for the weekend

A natural smokey eye look complete any look anyday especially because it works for daytime as well as nightime and Tolu Fagbayi of Rouge Addiction shows how to nail the perfect one.

The classic smokey eye is versatile and can be done in different colours like black, navy blue, blue, silver, gold and more shades. The most natural looking smokey eye look to wear is in neutral tones or brown and it’s the inspiration for the weekend as it finishes flawless when done like a ‘pro’.

Toni Olaoye: shows off smokey eye makeup look for beginners (youtube)

A thing to note about the smokey eye look is making sure to blend, blend and blend more for a seamless transition of colours to finish off the looks flawless, not harsh but clean and neat so it looks effortless.

The smokey eye has become the go-to makeup look for the bold and a look that has become a favourite amongst top celebrities and makeup lovers because its versatile, sexy, sultry feminine, chic and timeless all at the same time.

Tolu Fagbayi: of Rouge Addiction shows off natural daytime smokey eye (Youtube)
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