The Manscaping Routines That Will Get Women Loving Your Body

The Manscaping Routines That Will Get Women Loving Your Body

Proper grooming is very underrated and getting the appropriate grooming routines can add style to your appearance and get women admiring you more than you know.  There are a number of basic grooming routines every man should adopt, especially since they are easier to perform and much more effective than most.

More so, mastering the basic rules can make such routines interesting and provide you with a well-sculpted body that every woman would love to touch.

Employ The Appropriate Tools
Removing the hair around your pubes can be a tough task if you don’t have the right tools. The coarseness of the hair around that area can increase the chances of you having a painful ingrown hair. As such, it is best you trim the hair in that area below the belt before employing the use of a shaving stick. Doing this will make shaving much more easier as the razor doesn’t have to struggle through a thick wool of hair.

  • Remember also, not to use a pair of sharp scissors when you trim off the hair, as there’s a likelihood that you can mistakenly nick one of your lumps or bumps. An electric clipper can be used in place of this to get a clean and thorough job.

Exfoliate Before The Shave
If you’ve ever had a hot shower and shaved afterwards, you’d most likely have experienced the ease of removing the hair off your body. You can as well employ this same tactics when it comes to shaving your pubes. A hot shower helps to soften the hair strands, lubricates the area you want to shave and also exfoliates your pores to give you an all round easy shaving experience.

  • Just remember to make use of a good quality shaving cream applied over the area, to make the hair ready for a smooth one-pass removal that will be erotically pleasing to every woman you get naked in the sack with.

Removing Hair From The Balls
When it comes to shaving the balls, you may want to let go of your electric clippers and instead make use of a good shaving stick. That area will also require a lot of shaving cream, lots of little strokes and immeasurable patience. Pretty much the same things will be required for the area under the shaft. Make use of a sharp razor and let go of the fear of giving yourself a cut. Also employ the use of a mirror, which you can position in an area where you’d have a good vision of hard to reach areas, bumps and grooves that hide hairs you can’t easily see.

Wax up
Your butt hole or arse crack might be difficult to reach and may actually hide a lot of hairs. This can make your well groomed pubic area an eyesore to every woman that sees you naked. You can pretty much wax up your crack, when you do so to other areas of your body. It is devoid of much pain and won’t take much of your time.

Moreover, if your woman goes through that much pain to appear well groomed in her sensitive parts, why can’t you do the same?

Caring After The Shave
It’s good to employ the same routine you follow after shaving your face, as when you shave your pubes. Rinse off the shaved area with cold water to help reduce redness (if you have a fair skin) and gently pat yourself to dry before applying moisturisers to help soothe and refresh your skin.

Moisturisers will help to prevent itching and the urge to scratch. It is normal to have a number of nicks on your skin when you’re done with shaving but that can be solved with applying a little pressure to stop the bleeding and washing with mild soap and water.

This is to the new you in 2017.

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