Music : Belole Ray -Love This Place (Africa)

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Belole Ray was detected as a talented singer in her early childhood. However, she started performing at age 11 while she was a student of Our Lady of Mount Camel College, Muea – Buea. She was one of three girls who made up an acapella group of the college known as Star Sisters.

That was when she started nursing hopes of taking up music as a career and of beating her father’s impressive musical record.

In 2013 Ray founded Queen of Angels Choir, a 40-member group in the Immaculate Conception Parish, Great Soppo – Buea. The following year she founded another choir in the same parish known as Holy Infant Choir. As the name implies, the latter group is meant for little children. She is the music instructor of both choirs to this day.

She has also been playing for a Buea-based charitable group called Society of St. Vincent de Paul, one of whose principal activities is to entertain inmates of the Buea Central Prison.

Away from choir groups and religious music, Belole Ray started working with Cameroonian artiste, Dr. Sley, as well as Valen, a friend to her brother and manager. Both men did a lot to shape her vision as far as the genre of music she plays today – world music – is concerned.

Although inspired by singers like Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube and Brenda Fassie, she has, over time, developed a style of her own which is a fusion of afro beats with soul and jazz. With her unique voice that leaves every listener spellbound, Ray flies in the same musical orbit as Nigerian singers, Asa and Nneka.

On a general note she is being moved by songs about the many misfortunes which have befallen mankind, such as Apartheid in South Africa, the civil war in Nigeria and DRC, famine in Ethiopia, the Lake Nyos gas disaster in Cameroon, the earthquake in Haiti, etc. This, owing to her incredible love for children, the oppressed and the underprivileged.

Her maiden recorded song, “Love This Place (Africa)” was produced by Emil Ngombah of M1 Studio, Molyko-Buea. It features one of Cameroon’s finest guitarist, Marcien Oyono, with a backup voice from Africa The Voice finalist, Merveille Onguenet.

“Love This Place (Africa)” describes the African continent with its diverse and mellifluous music melodies as a place of peace, love, hope and happiness – the pride of the African!

Belole Ray has recorded four other songs with M1, which will be released subsequently.


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