The long anticipated wait will soon be OVER! With afrobeats taking the U.S music market by storm, the upcoming summer release of DELLA$IE’s afrobeats EP “WAR OF WAVE Volume One” is right on time. Today, we would like to introduce you to DELLA$IE the artist, muse and brand. She is currently making history as the first NY-based female afrobeats artist representing the republic of Ghana. The road started back in 2013, when Dellasie took a trip to Ghana to visit her parents new retirement home. She saturated herself in the sounds, trends, style, and music of her culture. It had been 7 years since she had been back. The feeling of connection was instant, deep and extremely powerful. That is when her raison d’etre came to light. It was very important to Dellasie that she incorporate this crucial part of her existence into her music that had been missing — her Ghanaian culture.

“I did this for fans and supporters — they push me and they keep me motivated”, says Dellasie. “There has been quite some time for me to really sit down and reflect since my last project (INT’L COKE); and my brand has made a complete transformation. I know the fans have been waiting patiently for new music from me; I’m constantly getting messages and e-mails asking for the new content. They are excited! lol! I wanted to dig really deep this time around, and give my fans much more of myself, my life, and my world perspective…. Taking that fateful trip back to Ghana in 2013 was absolutely the key to this transition.”

DELLA$IE made the decision to transition to afrobeats from alternative hip-hop a few years ago.The turning point for her was when famed hiplife icon — Reggie Rockstone tapped DELLA$IE to remix VVIP’s smash hit “DOGO YARO”. The remix got the attention of the afrobeats industry internationally, with the record and video getting airplay all over Africa, Europe and eventually the U.S. (CLICK HERE to view the high-energy, art-inspired visual). Subsequently, DELLA$IE got the highly coveted opportunity to perform at the 24 annual ‘MISS GHANA UK’ beauty pageant in September 2016… This marked DELLA$IE’s official dive into the world of afrobeats. Now, she is taking the world by storm with the WAR OF WAVE album and a Europe/U.S tour in support of the project for the Fall of 2017. DELLA$IE is known for her high-energy performances, witty wordplay, sincere lyrics and unique sense of style. She has built a brand that not only encompasses the diversity she possesses but inspired fashion, style, art and the New York experience from the perspective of a Ghanaian woman.

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