Navio’s Tumunonye-

With the whole of EA waiting for his next move, Navio has managed to put together a truly unique concept. The “Tumunonye” video calls on old folk lore and takes root in the basics of the First ever Baganda marriage between “Kintu & Nambi”.

Any other battle MC would not have been given the time of day on the Ugandan charts, but the thought process and development of these unique musical pieces speaks volumes to those from the culture.

There are nuances in the song produced by Paddy Man, that go back to more ancient times in Uganda’s history. Navio co-wrote the song with the famed Abey who instantly caught onto the vibe. At the same time the glossy and refined shots from Smooth Shiloh bring the story to life in epic fashion.

The Tapa dancers have become a mainstay on Navio’s schedule as friends in a united vision in where they see Ugandan music heading.

Navcorp is proud to present Navio’s “Tumunonye”. A uniquely African Tale reimagined through the eyes of Navio and executed with Shiloh & Henix at the helm…


Watch the video here :

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