Nicki Minaj Ready To Rekindle Romance With Meek Mill Again


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Nicki Minaj has reportedly been thinking about her ex Meek Mill and is willing to give their romance another chance if he gets out of prison soon.


“Nicki has been thinking about Meek lately and thinking about how she feels he should be out of prison,” a source close to Nicki claims

Source further claims, “She wants to work with him again and she has also been thinking about him romantically and leading her thoughts to the times they had when they dated a few years ago. She thinks that a spark could be brought up again and she would absolutely give him another chance if he were to get out of prison soon. She’d very much consider it and is willing to give him a second chance if that is something he’d be interested in as well.”


It should noted, Meek was sentenced to two to four years in state prison on Nov. 6 for violating his probation which he was on for almost 10 years after being convicted on gun and drug charges at the age of 21. His sentencing caused a lot of controversies after many considered it to be too excessive and it turns out it may get overturned very soon.


Credit: HollywoodLife

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