Revealed: The Untold SECRETS About Our Ugandan Music Industry

Revealed: The Untold SECRETS About Our Ugandan Music Industry

Music is one of the most profitable ventures in Uganda. The reason most of the young Ugandans try to join the industry to earn a living. The local artistes have been able to bag lots of cash, cruise in fancy cars and also put up mega mansions. Chameleone, Bebecool, Geoffrey Lutaya, Bobi Wine and Eddie Kenzo are just a few of the most successful local artistes. But like any business there is too much you never get to know, away from the glitz, the glamour and the camera there is a lot of hidden secrets.


Drugs play a big part in the Uganda music industry. To them, it is the fuel behind the music you get to hear. This is a habit that was began by the fore founders of the industry and it’s very hard for any new artiste to escape it .For example ,a rising artiste like Ykee Benda will not fail to smoke weed if his idol artiste Peter miles does.

Most artistes can’t write a song, perform minus getting high on drugs and this is not just limited to males  but females as well.

Kings and queens of drugs include, Radio and Weasel, Sheeba Karungi, Cindy, Lillian Mbabazi, Fille, BobiWine, Rabadaba, Vamposs, NinaRozi and FefeBusi among many others.


The industry is also full of casual sex ties and it’s a normal practice to many .Male artistes bed many of their fans regardless of having official relationships. The girls throw themselves at these artistes. To them it is a big achievement sleeping with an artiste.

Many of them after getting high during a recording session they end up eating the fruit in the studios especially in case it’s a collaborations.80% of a male and female musical collaboration goes just beyond music to something intimate. Recently, the relationship between Fille and Nutty Neithan sent the internet into frenzy.

The two recorded an awesome song ‘What did you do it’ and it was alleged that they would bonk at Makindye based Humble records.


Many of these local artistes don’t have financial discipline and spend all they earn unsparingly. A fair artiste earns about 300k per gig and now assume they have 4 gigs a month that would be make 1.2M but we have very many corporate guy’s earning less than this a month but they register awesome tangible assets after a five year period than an ordinary musician. Much of their money goes to outfits, drinking and showing off. Many of them assume they will always get the money since it seems like free money.


This is one thing many people will not appreciate and admit but the Uganda music industry is blessed with too many gifted people only limited by finances.

Since we don’t have music labels it’s had to give an opportunity to only talented people to shine. Many good writers, singers, dancers, producers are unsung heroes because of the rotten system .If we could only have financially strong well situated record labels; we would see many various talents rise.

 Female artistes  beef each other

Women in the music industry hardly recognize each other’s efforts apart from keeping a stalking eye on social media. For instance, how many female collaborations have your heard between female artistes.

The only recent ones are Omuntu by Sheeba and Lydia Jazmine, Vinland and Irene Ntale, and Otubatisa by Irene and Sheeba.

Song Writing

Many if not all successful female musicians in Uganda have not written any song in their life career. The only commercial female artiste that has jotted her own songs is Cindy but all the rest have found prefect writers to help.

All these stars that your all admire and shoot the best vocals like Juliana Kanyomozi and Mariam Ndagire have been helped by Silver Kyagulanyi and singe Radio. Julian Kanyomozi new album titled m still here ‘was written by Esther Nabaasa. Others that have never written even a single personal music line include Sheeba, Irene Ntale, Irene Namubiru, LydiaJazmine ,Sophie Nantongo, Liane and the list is endless .

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