Sheebah Assures Pornographic Committee That She’s Not Going To Change Her Dress Code

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Singer Sheebah Karungi alias Karma Queen is a very strong woman who is not even threatened by anything including jail.


News reaching our desk indicates that Sheebah has assured the pornographic committee to mind their own business because she is not stupid.


This comes a few days after they threatened to throw her in jail.


In a video with Spark TV’s Zahara Totto, Sheebah assures the committee that she is not ready to quit dressing up in her usual skimpy attires.


“I shouldn’t be judged harshly by my revealing attires because I am an intelligent lady. I love being sexy but it doesn’t make me stupid. I am willing to change peoples’ perspective towards what they think of me,” defiant Sheebah said.


Karma Queen  further stressed, “You claim that I spoil kids but they always watch more indecent American stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna on their TVs back home.”


Sheebah instead advised them to focus on what good things she is doing not how she dresses.

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