Singer Brown Shuga Abandons Music Over Witchcraft

Singer Brown Shuga Abandons Music Over Witchcraft

The rate at which celebrities are worshipping witchcraft is alarming. At least every week we get a huge number of messages of both struggling and established artists accusing each other of witchcraft!

Well, the latest information coming through has it that singer Brown Shuga is currently down with a strange but serious disease. The disease is attributed to witchcraft according to her closest friends.

Last week, the singer dropped her music towel accusing fellow members (Sipapa Entertainment) of practising witchcraft, which targets her while on stage.

‘While on stage, I lose my voice. I feel dizzy. My heart pumps so fast, sweat violently and when I get backstage … I am okay!’ Shuga told our reporter

‘I have visited the doctors, they also don’t understand the disease, however, they have advised me to give music a break’, she added

Meanwhile, alternative sources claim the singer has engaged in too much sex which forced her management (Sipapa Entertainment) headed by her other lover ‘Sipapa’ to force her to quit.

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