Vanessa Mdee gave this root of intrigue to what is being said about her and Trey Songz ‘Me and Jux are 100’

Vanessa Mdee with his boyfriend Juma Jux

There are rumors, photos and videos circulated online  showing the proximity between the stars of the music of R & B in the United States, Trey Songz and Vanessa Mdee, interpreted that maybe they have gone a step higher than what they were doing in Nairobi, Kenya.

vanessa mdee with Trey songz

Last week, Vanessa with 9 other artists from africa and Trey songz from USA,  entered the studio to record a song of the new season of Coke Studio Africa

Trey songz with other artists in coke studio

However Trey songz  appeared to be closer to Vee Money amount fanned speculation that goes Jux he was betrayed.

Trey Songz with vanessa mdee (v money)

when she was asked about the rumors, she said :“Me and J are 100,”and she  insisted :“The video and pictures going around are misinterpreted, I worked for MTV and had met Trey before, we were cool then and are cool now,“I respect him [Trey Songz], Juma Jux and all our fans.”

She added :“Being a female artist in Africa, people are always waiting for any opportunity to tarnish ones image , and disregard years of handwork and success. Watch this space am about to give them more.Work only”

She went on to say that people stay tuned to hear  what  African artists were doing in collaboration with the Grammy Award winner Trey songz.

“I can’t wait for you and everyone to hear what we worked on with Trey.”

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