Zari One Side: Diamond Platinumz’s Next LOVE PLAN Revealed

Zari One Side: Diamond Platinumz’s Next LOVE PLAN Revealed

Following last week’s break-up, Tanzania’s most talked-about celebrity, Diamond Platnumz and his official side chic, Hamisa Mobetto, are apparently in love again, blogs in Tanzania claim.


The new move is a shock wave to many as the “Number One”  singer was in a heated romantic relationship with socialite, Zari Hassan, a woman that hates Hamisa to the bone marrow.


Sources close to Diamond claim that the singer’s family is convincing him to settle with Hamisa since Zari has failed to settle and handle the pressure that comes with marrying in a Moslem family.


It is said since the recent court ruling that now sees Diamond pay Ugx 9m for child support, Hamisa Mobetto has kept a close touch with Diamond’s family.


A few months back, Hamisa filed child support case where she was demanding monthly upkeep of TZsh 230,000 for Diamond’s son, Dylan, but it was thrown out after it was filed using a wrong child’s Act Prescription.


During that time, when the case was thrown out, Diamond and Zari went to the UK for a short vacation, but now, Zari and Diamond Platinumz’s relationship is no more.


Should we say, this is the beginning of Diamond and Hamisa’s relationship?


We shall keep you posted

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